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Meditta [userpic]

My first order from South Korea has arrived~

December 15th, 2012 (07:23 pm)

right now in: Jelenia Góra
current mood: okay
listening to: Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

I haven't updated for ages but now it's a good opportunity since Christmas is closer and closer and it's my first time I decided to buy some gifts abroad.

The shop I've chosen was KollectionK!Collapse )

Meditta [userpic]

128 f-entries...?

February 16th, 2011 (02:15 pm)

right now in: Jelenia Góra
current mood: drained
listening to: Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Oh my, this month has passed so fast! It was a really crazy time at the university, dealing with enormous amount of stress, tears and desire of getting dead. :d Seriously, I've never felt so bad and so scared about graduation. I thought I fail 5 courses, but finally I haven't passed just Mathematical Analysis 1. (Man, almost half of students don't pass it every year on my univ. xd) I didn't want to get left behind the rest of my group, so I went to the dean of my faculty and asked him for permission so I can take MA1 and MA2 courses simultaneously on the second semester. He looked at me and said: "I'm commiting a big sin, but... I'll give you that chance". Dawwww, I was so happy! I know it's suicide to take two analysis courses at one time, but I'll try to survive. XD' After all, I missed only three stupid points to get MA1 passed. D: So I hope I'll pass it with flying colours in the next semester. What about MA2... One of guys from my group said that it looks... interesting. Oh, I believe so! Math is obviously interesting! XD I've got to like integrals and derivatives. What means, I've started turning into real AiR (it's abbr for the Polish name of my major) student. XD
That scary time, so-called sesja in Polish, showed me that I need to learn definitely more. What means, I'll have less time for entertainment during the whole semester. What means, I'll have less time for LJ. What means, I'll hardly ever read your entries, friends. I'm really sorry! Maybe I'll mail you from time to time to ask how you are. I feel so bad, because all of you are interesting people to me and I would like to know what's going on in your life. ;w; I feel more bad about drawing, because from now on I'll have time only for careless doodles during classes. Oh well, I should decide what is my priority now and do my best at studying. My goal is to become an engineer and then, a master - nobody said it's easy nor forced me to choose it.
Yeah, it's the end of my rambling. On Monday, there starts the second semester. I'll do my best!

I hope everything is going fine by you! I especially greet all of you who are students - we can say we share similar pain. ಥ﹏ಥ

Btw today is Lithuania's Indepence Day. The president of Lithuania invited Polish president for celebrating that day - I think it's a really nice gesture. I'm sure our president will be trying to raise the question about treating Poles in Lithuania; I'm curious if this will change anything.

Meditta [userpic]

Little doujin at the end of 2010 year

December 31st, 2010 (08:50 pm)

right now in: Jelenia Góra
current mood: tired
listening to: Mika - We Are Golden

I'm very sorry I haven't replied on your messages/comments/entries (give me some more time, please ;w; ), but I had to finish this:

So much work and at the end I'm totally embarassed... OTL

Anyway, I would love to wish you all


I hope it will be a year full of positive things and we all get better! (Because there always can be better, no?)

Meditta [userpic]

Come with me to the magic world~

December 20th, 2010 (02:10 pm)

right now in: Wrocław
current mood: frustrated
listening to: Origa - Wasurenagusa

Christmas is closer and closer! That means, the deadline for easteuropesanta is closer, too! And I'm still on a sketch stage. "OTL I have no idea how I will make 9 pages of doujinshi on Friday, really...

Anyway, on a better note, I would like to share some photos with you! I promised natsmina that I'll post the photos of Wrocław Weihnachtsmarkt so we will compare them with Weihnachtsmarkt in Sapporo. :3
Are you ready~?Collapse )

Meditta [userpic]


December 2nd, 2010 (12:23 pm)

right now in: Wrocław
current mood: bouncy
listening to: Piotr Rubik - Biały śnieg i ty

When I see snow I automatically get happy. ♥ Especially when it is snowing~ Dawww, I love Winter! ♥

Ah, yeah, we have Advent time now! As every year, I had no idea for resolution for this time. OTL Finally, I decided to go every day (in which I don't start classes at 7:30 a.m.) for a Roraty (it's a Mass celebrating during Advent time in the morning) and procratinate less.
Well, the final: I woke up on Monday at 5:10 a.m., turned off the alarm clock and went sleep back. "OTL But! I managed to go for a Roraty on Wednesday, so be proud of me! (Ok, you don't have to.)
Maaan, I love this Mass. ;w; Especially the beginning of the Mass, Rorate Caeli plainsong. ♥

But, today I overslept again. "OTL

On another note: there is exams time on my univ, so it takes me a bit longer than usual to reply to you (ok, it ALWAYS takes me too long time). Also, I have to make Christmas cards for everyone I promised to... Well, so far, I have sketches. Only. 8'D But I promise, I'll send you complete postcards! This weekend I'm going to buy a big sheet of coloured paper and some stuff to decoration. I hope I'll make everything done next week. I have to. *drop* (Also, if the rest of you, my friends, want to get a Christmas card from me, don't make me cry let me just know~ I will do my best to make it on time!)

Blah, I need to buy gifts for my family... Like every year, I have no idea for my two elder sisters... For my younger sister I want to buy this utterly cute blouse. (Damn, I would love to get it for myself. XD' She would better like it... if no, I'll tear her apart take it. 8D) I'm looking for some nice, big pendant for mother. My dad probably will get latest Budka Suflera's album from me.
Who said giving gifts is fun? Well, ok, GIVING is fun, but not BUYING, I mean, searching for them. (・_・)

How are going your Christmas preparations? :)

Meditta [userpic]


November 20th, 2010 (05:19 pm)

right now in: Jelenia Góra
current mood: annoyed
listening to: W. A. Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante Es-dur KV 364

Seriously, people, it's still November.

Meditta [userpic]

One little info

November 18th, 2010 (07:38 pm)

right now in: Wrocław
current mood: hopeful
listening to: Nana Kitade - Things Left Behind

I know not all of you are Christian and not all of you recognize Pope, but in that case you can just ignore this post.
What I wanted to tell you about is an appeal of Benedict to join him on 27 November in praying for children which aren't yet born. For those, who can't decide if they will live or not.
For more info visit this site.

PS Does anyone know how to do an arcus of function in OpenOffice Calc? Because on my computer it makes just a straight line while there should be something looking like tangens' function. :/
Nevermind, I found it out.

Meditta [userpic]

It's that day!

November 11th, 2010 (10:57 pm)

right now in: Jelenia Góra
current mood: cheerful
listening to: Grzegorz Turnau - Naprawdę nie dzieje się nic

Feliks' birthday!
Errrm, I mean, Poland Indepence Day!

Because today is the perfect day to post it, I would love to share with you, my friends, a short film about history od Poland. Inter alia, because of that film Polish pavilon was one of the three most popular pavilons during EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. It was made by our great animator, Tomasz Bagiński (I recommend you to check out his another short movies; they are amazing!).

I know you want to watch that movieCollapse )

Meditta [userpic]

I'm afraid I have over 60 f-entries to read...

October 25th, 2010 (05:20 pm)

right now in: Wrocław
current mood: blah
listening to: Mikromusic - Jesień

And I'm afraid I won't have time to do so. ^^" I'm really sorry! This week I have at least two exams, also I have a lot of things to learn... Studies showed me I'm not as wise as I thought. That's not nice. :< I miss those beautiful kindergarden days, when I didn't learn at all and I remembered everything from classes. :d  

I think I should cut it there...Collapse )

Meditta [userpic]

What are Poles listening to?

October 2nd, 2010 (08:04 pm)

right now in: Wrocław
current mood: relaxed
listening to: Sting - Every little thing she does is magic

Of course it depends on who you are going to ask. But, generally, I would like to share what is on my favourite radio station's charts. Of course commercial radiostations have on their top Lady Gaga and the like, but luckily Trójka is much more opened on another artists. And people who listen to it prefers various music.  

 Ok, let's see, what is in the top 10!Collapse )

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